Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty Li'l Gal

Is this an awesome horse or what?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bethany found some really cool wall border on clearance at Meijer so she got it for me. I haven't been able to find a western border that I liked nevertheless could afford. I thought this was great!

Thanks Bethany! (She even helped me put it up!)

A Ride of Faith

On Thursday I picked up Bethany and Faith wanted to come along. We went for our usual ride, so I held Faith in front of me while I rode Essie. She had a blast - especially when we rode through a big puddle! :-)

She wanted to try out Penny too.

Promised Pictures

Alright, here are the pictures I promised of the finished deck and "yard".

My mini garden.

Grass; and no stumps!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In remembrance....

This is my pretty pansie that Mama gave me. I'm trying to revive it since Bandit dug it up.....I'm not sure if it will survive or not!

The Bandit!

Isn't he cute!

I found him sleeping like this against the patio door. He was really asleep!

He woke up shortly after I took the pictures, but he was there for a while!

This is what the back deck looked like for a while, but Tony was able to finish it in time for final inspections. I'll get pictures of the final product soon.

My plants were safe from the puppy. That is, until they got the steps up!

Here's the railing.

Finally! Our neighbor owns a gravel pit so we got him to come over and do the driveway. He also spread around all those piles of dirt. When he was done, Tony planted some rye to replenish the soil. ( I don't have pictures of that yet)

It looks so much better!

This is some of the work we've done around the house. Originally, the property was planted with christmas trees which Tony had bulldozed when he was ready to build the house. He had burned the needles off, but all the stumps were left in piles. We were finally able to get burn permits, and burned them - yeah!

You can see the stumps have been burned, but the piles of dirt remain.

I know everyone probably thinks we dropped off the face of the earth - the truth is, we haven't! Things have just been really busy. Tony is in White Cloud doing hay tonight, so I stopped in at Townsend's to try and catch up on some blogging! :-)
Here are a few pix of the horses. We had them out by the road for a while so that the grass could grow out back. While they were out there some canoers from the canoe rental across the road decided to test out the fence - not a good idea!

Dead? or asleep?