Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Touch of the Master's Hand

I thought I had posted this several weeks back, but apparently I hadn't, so here it is!

As I think back on the events of this year, it has probably been one of the hardest year of my life up to this point. When I chose at the beginning of the year to give every part of my life into my Father's hands, I hadn't the least idea of all the trials that would come my way and the way of my family. Between a couple of close wake-up/warning calls in my family, the suicide of my brother-in-law, huge problems in the families of close friends, and more family problems in extended family, I sometimes felt like asking God how much more I could take. Everything has dealt with people that I am so close to.

On a brighter side, this year has been one of the best of my life. When I finally chose to give everything into the hands of my God, He has proved Himself so everlastingly faithful. I sit back in wonder at His gracious love, His mercy, His great kindness, and His never failing forgiveness. Through every storm that has beat about me, He has carried me on His wings. He has loved me and cared for me; He has calmed my heart with His peace, and given me perfect rest and quiet in His arms. I can truly say that I am, as Fanny Crosby put it, “Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast.” He has given me peace that passes all understanding, He has taken away all fears. In all my years of knowing Him, this year has brought me ever so much closer to His side. Yes, I have known about His love, I have known about His faithfulness, I have known about His mercy, but never before have I experienced it to this degree of fullness. I can tell you that my God is faithful, because He has carried me when I could not stand; I know that my God is true, because the promises of His Word are being fulfilled in my life daily; I can tell you of my Father's mercy, because He has extended it to me when I am helpless; I know of His forgiveness, because I have wronged Him exceedingly and He has given me grace, pardon, and renewal of fellowship with Him. Oh how sweet is that fellowship!!!! It can never be known until it has been experienced, and it can never be experienced until my will is entirely submitted to His perfect will. I rest in my Jesus because He is faithful, and He is true. He will never give me a burden that I cannot bear; but I have learned (am learning!) to lay my burdens at His feet and leave them there. Oh how badly I desire to pick them up again sometimes, and yet, I'm learning that not only is His way perfect, but His timing is perfect. I must simply trust Him and, not so simply,.....wait....

Through everything that has come my way, my heavenly Father has given me a more perfect peace than I ever imagined possible. I have been shown examples of true godly love displayed in the lives of fellow believers that I would never have seen, had some of these “tragedies” not occurred. I have been touched by lives that from the world's standpoint have been torn apart.

All of this can only be explained as: The touch of the Master's hand.