Friday, August 31, 2007

My Own Camera!

I bought Lydia's PowerShot from her, so hopefully this blog will be kept more up to date! :-)
This is Essie's freeze brand. The first mark that looks almost like a square "U" is the BLM symbol. The two arrows on top of each other are the numbers 9 and 7 which signify that she was born in 1997. The arrows that are underscored is her ID number which is: 565371. The angle of each arrow stands for a certain number - a pretty interesting system! I finally found instructions on how to read the brands and that's how I figured out what it was.

This is just another picture of Montana and Essie. I let them loose in the yard and they generally will not leave our property.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Finally Got to Ride Breeze!

Here is a better picture of Wave In The Breeze. I finally got to ride him, and he's great! Very sweet and a really smooth ride!

This is RW Poco Vested Cash - this was his very first time to jump a barrel. I thought he did pretty well!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anyone need a horse? These are a few that I currently have for sale. This little guy's name is Wave In The Breeze - an old style Morgan. He's a sweetie!

This is RW Poco Moneytoburn. (Her dam's name is My Last Copper Penny, so I thought it was a pretty good play on her mama's name! :-)

Doesn't this look like the sweetest, most adorable little girl you've ever seen? No, it's not the one I have on her for sale listing! I just thought it was cute - she doesn't look too impressive here! She's a Foundation Quarter Horse named Git 'R Dun - I love that name!
This is RW Poco Vested Cash. He's a 3 year old gelding, but boy is he a nice ride! If I didn't already have enough horses of my own, I'd buy him! :-) (Dad would have something to say about that though! ) just kidding! He doesn't mind much.