Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lydia and Bethany

Lydia caught me off guard while I was making breakfast.
The spare room was available, but no, they both had to squeeze onto the couch!

This is before Bethany heard my camera beep!

Christmas Day with Tony's Family

Cody and D.J (Dan's boys)

Dad E. reading Luke 2

Random pictures

The horses
Lots of snow!

It's hard to see, but we had close to 3 feet of snow!

The besprinkled puppy

This is Mr. RW Poco Vested Cash - we just call him Cash.

My newest little guy!

Like his snow blanket? :-)

Can you tell he's FQH?

Caleb's Baptism

Pastor with his waders

Talk about cold!!!!!!!!!

Running for his truck!
Makes me cold just looking at it!

Josh and Loralee's Wedding

The ceremony

The beautiful bride!

The happy couple...

The cake I made...