Friday, September 18, 2009

Hughstons Cow Camp Rodeo

These last few got out of order, so just bear with me...
The bulls were moving fast enough that I didn't really get any good pictures.
This one was part Brahman, but he didn't seem too bad.

This is when it get dangerous - the clowns can't get between the bull and the thrown rider if the bull stays that close to the chute!

Saddle bronc rider getting thrown (that happened to most of them!)

Calf tying - those guys are fast! A lot of them had 16-17 second times!

Okay, this one should be right after the one before...

Calf roping - this looks like a lot of fun!

Another saddle bronc rider...

This was the first bronc and he was GORGEOUS!!!!!
After the rodeo, they let all the broncs out in the arena just loose and free. Tony immediately turned to me and said "No, you can't have one."!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Adorable Niece!

Isn't she sweet?

It was really cool when I was holding her like this because I could feel my baby kicking against her!

Happy mom!

I can't wait - 5 months seems like soooo long!