Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Some Pretty Flowers!


This cow was very intrigued by my quad!

Daddy and his girl!


That header is 36 ft. long!

How would you like to drive this machine?

Katie says: "I'll show you how!" :-)

A Big Sky sunset

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Around the Ranch

Combine blades

Replacing the dull and chipped blades

Tony replacing damaged teeth on the header

Still at it....

Goin' for a ride with Daddy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Four-Wheeling with Hubby

Comin' through a dip..

Rarin' ta go!


Swathing Hay!

That field waaaay out there is the one Tony was cutting

Tony learning the ropes...

I have to wonder what would happen if a combine came down the road from the other direction??? :-) This swather has a 21 ft. header, and the combines have 36-40 ft. headers!

Dam at Fort Peck

The backwaters

At a lookout..

Everybody shot!

The Missouri River

A Montana valley!

The spillway at the dam.

They have hay fields on the side of the dam!

Bonding time with Grandpa :-)

Picnic at the park...

How's this for loading a quad?


Heading out to check cows at the Penner ranch

How's that for a water tank? They have the spring rigged up so that it flows from underground right into the center of the tire!

Finally found them! (that herd anyway :-))

Little straggler... poor guy's leg was hurt pretty bad.

My handsome chauffeur...

Dad and Mom with Uncle Gerry and Aunt Bonnie

Finally got to meet Mike, Nora, Lilly, and Ella

If this isn't cute, what is?

Lilly playing with trucks

...and talking to Aunt Becky